Kobe Bryant’s Championship Ring From 2000 is Being Auctioned

Late basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s championship ring from 2000 is currently being auctioned off at Goldin Auctions. The current top bid is $64,000 and the bidding is set to close on March 31.

According to Goldin, Bryant gave this ring to his father, Joe Bryant, who was an NBA player himself. The ring is made out of 14-karat gold and has 40 diamonds. The top of the ring features the word “LAKERS” at the center, the word “WORLD” at the top, and the word “CHAMPIONS” at the bottom.

“Obtained directly from the Bryant family, this ring is a true one-of-a-kind, and we can confirm that it is the only championship ring ever given by Kobe to his father,” said Goldin in the auction description.

In the 2000 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers took down the Indiana Pacers in six games. It was the first NBA title for Bryant in his career and the first for the Lakers in 13 years. Bryant would go on to win four more titles with the LA team.

Bryant also gifted his mother, Pamela Bryant, a 2000 championship ring, an exact copy of his own but in a smaller size. That particular ring was previously sold by Goldin for $201,250, including the buyer’s premium, in 2020.

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