Louvre Announces Plans to Improve the Viewing Experience of Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa”

Millions of people flock each year to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, to admire Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa. However, most of them end up being disappointed by the experience.

Mona Lisa is currently displayed in the Salle des Etats (Room of the States), which is the largest and most prestigious part of the museum. However, the room still gets crowded easily while the small size of the painting and various barriers prevent visitors from getting a good look at the painting.

In order to improve the viewing experience, the museum is now planning changes in the way it displays the Mona Lisa. According to director Laurence des Cars, one of those changes could include transferring the painting to its own room.

Louvre has attempted to improve the viewing experience of Mona Lisa in the past, including making changes to its queuing system, but these attempts didn’t bring the desired results.

“We don’t welcome visitors very well in [the Salle des États], so we feel we’re not doing our job properly,” des Cars said via Telegraph. “Moving the Mona Lisa to a separate room could put an end to public disappointment.”

According to The Telegraph, there have been plans to move Mona Lisa for a long time and are now closer to happening more than ever. The new room would be built underground as part of the upcoming Louvre reconstruction project.

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