Mindboggling Facts About Albert Einstein’s Life

Whether it’s his Theory of Relativity, political influence, or iconic messy hair, Albert Einstein is one of the most famous physicists of the 20th Century and, indeed, world history. Here are some mindboggling facts about Albert Einstein that show just how intriguing this genius truly was.

No Fashionista

Although known for his brilliant mind, fashion certainly wasn’t something that naturally came to Einstein. In fact, quite the opposite. The physicist would often walk around with messy hair and would never wear socks. He didn’t even wear socks when he met President F.D. Roosevelt at the White House.

Moving and Grooving

When he wasn’t formulating life-changing theories, Einstein enjoyed music. He began music lessons at the age of five and loved playing his violin, which he affectionately nicknamed “Lina”.

Almost the Boss

Einstein was so highly respected that even those outside the world of physics craved his knowledge. In fact, he was once offered the opportunity to become the President of Israel by its prime minister. Einstein declined, however, insisting that he was not qualified for the role.

Crossing the Line

Naturally, incest is something that is broadly looked down upon. While not such close relatives, Einstein once became romantically involved with his cousin Elsa, who ultimately became his gatekeeper.

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