Most Disliked Characters in Movie History

Whether it’s because of the chaos they’ve caused on screen or simply an annoying gaffe or personality trait, there are some movie characters that moviegoers simply love to hate. Here are some of the most disliked characters in movie history that always get under fans’ skins.

Dolores Umbridge

Although she isn’t the main villain in the Harry Potter franchise, Dolores Umbridge proves to be a highly unlikeable character nonetheless. The Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher during Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts, Umbridge pretends to be sugary sweet, only to give Harry and his friends an incredibly hard time. In addition to crafting cruel punishments for students whom she deems to be “disobedient”, Umbridge also claimed that Harry was lying when he told everyone that Voldemort had returned, upsetting fans even more.

Warden Norton

Shawshank Redemption showed that life in prison was far from smooth sailing. To make matters worse, Warden Norton would use his status to advance his selfish goals, even keeping innocent people imprisoned if it meant protecting himself. As if it couldn’t get any worse, he would use his religion to make himself appear pious, further hiding his true nature.

Edward Cullen

While there may be a large fan club for this Twilight star, many fans of the series have much less appreciation for him than their counterparts. From being hundreds of years older than his love interest Bella to watching people while they’re sleep, many fans feel that this vampire comes off as just plain creepy.

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