Most Isolated Communities in the World

As globalization continues to rise and technologies advance, the world feels as if it’s getting smaller, with communities becoming ever more interconnected. Still, not everyone is enthusiastic about modernization. Here are some of the most isolated communities in the world that continue to grip tightly to their culture.

The Old Believers

Hailing from the Russian Orthodox Church which resisted reforms in 1652, these Amish-like Russians have continued to hold onto their old lifestyle and beliefs. Following centuries of persecution, these people live in pockets of isolated areas around the world, including in Kazakhstan and Brazil.


This indigenous tribe from Guyana and Brazil are one of the earliest indigenous tribes to come into contact with Europeans. After being enslaved by Portuguese colonialists, they became very wary of outsiders, with new arrivals needing permission from the tribe to settle in the surrounding area.

Ruc People

In Vietnam, the Ruc People were only discovered in 1959, when border guards stumbled upon them in the caves in western Quảng Bình province. One notable thing about this community is their interest in spell-making, with spells to help people fall pregnant and cure snake bites.

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