Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The First Thought

Researchers initially believed that it probably took around 20 years for 20,000 people to build the largest pyramid. It was built around 2550 BC under the order of Pharaoh Khufu. Historians and other experts claim that the Egyptians only used wooden tools and ropes to build this kind of structure.

When we take a look at it from today’s perspective, it seems highly unlikely that the ancient people managed to build something so extraordinary using only wood and ropes. It’s no wonder why it took 20 years for all 20,000 people to finish the magnificent project.

Could the Pyramids Have Been Built Without the Use of Wheels?

At the time the pyramids were built, the ancient people hadn’t yet discovered the convenient thing called the wheel. That means that they had supposedly built these gigantic structures without using wheels for transportation. Considering the fact that the pyramids were built using huge granite and limestone blocks, there was no way they could have moved them using wooden rails and ropes.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

According to historical sources, these blocks came from the Nile, which means that they had to be dragged over 500 miles of land to reach the site where the pyramids were being built. Now, these stones weighed on average from 2.5 to 15 tons, while an average car weighs a bit over two tons. So, how were they able to drag several tons of granite without steel, iron, or the wheel? We don’t really know…

The Pyramids Used to Look Much Different

Today, the Great Pyramid seems to blend with the sand and dirt that surrounds it. Believe it or not, these pyramids looked completely different back in the day. The sandy surface was only the inner core of the structure, while the outside layer was covered with shiny, white polished limestone. This made the pyramids shine, while the strategically placed cuts made it look smooth and flat in direct sunlight.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Because of this shiny, diamond-like layer, the Great Pyramid was supposedly able to reflect the sun like a mirror, which is why many people called it a jewel that emerges from the sand. Unfortunately, a strong earthquake in 1303 AD caused the limestone layer to loosen so people had to take stones off. Of course, the stones didn’t go to waste. They were reused for fortresses and other structures, while the pyramids were left with a sandy, orange surface.

The Great Pyramid Has Eight Sides

When you think of a pyramid as a geometrical shape, it usually has four sides. However, that’s not the case with the Great Pyramid. Even though it looks like it has four sides when you look at it from the ground, the Great Pyramid actually has eight sides, which can only be seen from an aerial view. If you were to fly over the pyramids in a plane, your perspective would change and you would see that the pyramid actually has eight, not four sides.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Some people believe it was built this way to prevent the casing stones from shifting. Others believe that erosion caused the pyramid to split into eight sides. We don’t have evidence to prove either of these theories but the sides seem so precise that it seems unlikely that wind could have really made that happen.

Evidence Shows That Egyptians Were Not the Ones Who Built the Pyramids

There is no real evidence of how the Egyptians were able to create something that is not only extremely large but also extremely precise. Even in our modern age, it would take advanced technology to make the right measurements and build something so precise that it aligns with the stars.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

In fact, modern-day scientists have tried to recreate smaller-scale pyramid models but they failed every time. This led many historians, archaeologists, and scientists to believe that the pyramids were built even before the Egyptians by a civilization that was even more advanced than ours.

Evidence That Points to the Existence of Advanced Tools

To back up the scientific beliefs that the ancient civilizations had far more advanced tools than we think, a significant piece of evidence was found in Khufu’s Sarcophagus. Archaeologists who worked on this site discovered the evidence of drills that were strong enough to drill through granite blocks. Khufu, who allegedly created the Great Pyramid, had a coffin that weighs over 3.5 tons. Naturally, such a heavy block of stone was too large to have been brought into the pyramid after it was built.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The only logical conclusion is that the stone was brought to its place beforehand. The sarcophagus stood separate from other blocks in a room inside the pyramid and it featured holes that had to be made by humans. Considering that it was made of granite, the block was way too tough to have been drilled with anything other than advanced tools, which supposedly did not exist at that time. Think about it, what kind of a primitive tool could’ve made a hole in a granite block that weighs almost four tons?

The Labyrinth Beneath the Pyramids Could Be Larger Than We Think

We already know that there is a labyrinth underneath the pyramids but what we don’t know is how long it is and where it can take us to. The pyramids have a sophisticated tunnel system made from limestone bedrock. Some of the most significant archaeological discoveries were made in these very tunnels. Even though today’s archaeologists have dug quite deep into these tunnels, they still haven’t scaled every corner nor have they found the end of the labyrinth.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

To make matters even more interesting, conspiracy theorists believe that scholars and scientists are actually hiding the underground world full of lost catacombs from the public. The evidence we currently have is that the labyrinths under the Great Pyramid stretch 55 miles south of Cairo, underneath the city of Hawara. However, many people believe that there is a lot more to this underground world than we’re being told.

No One Knows Why There Is a Mysterious Chamber Hiding in the Great Pyramid

One of the recent discoveries inside the Great Pyramid was a hidden chamber. Scientists discovered the mysterious chamber using cosmic-ray imaging that records subatomic particles inside the rocks. In other words, cosmic-ray imaging is similar to X-Ray imaging but it can go through much tougher materials and penetrate much deeper into the structure of the pyramids. Even though this technology is advanced, the images it provides are still very low in resolution.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that there is a hidden chamber in the pyramid, but they are not sure whether it’s a single chamber or a series of different rooms. They’re also not sure what the chamber was built for and whether there is something hiding inside it that could show us a whole new perspective regarding the ancient world. The common belief is that cavities were built inside the structure to prevent the stones from collapsing by relieving stress and pressure. However, some think that chambers like these had more than one purpose. Scientists even think that this chamber could be generating energy.

Do the Chambers Generate Energy?

It has been speculated for centuries that the ancient pyramids could be generating some kind of energy. After the hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid was discovered, scientists conducted a series of studies that showed that the pyramid actually concentrates electromagnetic energy in its internal rooms. The source of this mysterious energy was the hidden chambers inside the large structure. To make things even more shocking and incredible, the higher amounts of energy were recorded in the rooms where people found the remains of Pharaoh Khufu and his wife.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

A thermal scan was performed in 2015 when experts and scientists scanned the Great Pyramid and found that three areas inside the structure generated some form of heat. The first assumption was that the heat was generated by some sort of ancient technology. Heat spots were discovered in the upper half of the pyramid. Because of this, we can’t be sure whether the heat is created because of the sun reaching the upper part of the structure or because there are more mysterious and undiscovered chambers inside the pyramid.

The Discoveries From Inside the Ancient Pyramids

One of the most recent discoveries in the pyramids was made on August 1st, 2018, when archaeologists found a precious statue during a restoration project. The statue was found inside the Djoser pyramid in Saqqara and it depicted Osiris, also known as one of the most important Egyptian gods. Archaeologists were baffled by such an unexpected discovery, as the statue was placed inside a hole within the pyramid.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The reason why this discovery was so stunning was that no one could figure out why someone would place a precious statue in a random hole in the wall. Did it have any meaning? Or was it hidden for some reason? For all we know, the head of the Saqqara archaeological site is speculating that “the statue was probably concealed in this area by a priest of Saqqara in antiquity.”

Mysterious 100 Ton Boxes Were Discovered Inside the Tunnels of the Pyramids

As we already mentioned, there is an intricate tunnel system located beneath the Pyramids of Giza. One of the most mysterious discoveries inside this tunnel was made by archaeologist, Brien Foerster, who found 20 boxes made of Aswan granite. This tough material was cut into boxes with unbelievable precision. What’s even more stunning is that the boxes weighed around 100 tons each. Some believed that these boxes were a burial site for prized bulls, even though no evidence was ever found.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

On the other hand, some scientists believed that these mysterious boxes also held some sort of energy. However, mainstream scholars seem to reject this idea. We cannot really know whether there is a possibility of such a phenomenon but we also cannot be sure that the scholars are telling us the whole truth. Either way, it truly is a mystery that will make you think.

The Great Pyramid Is the Only Pyramid Built With Airshafts

Speaking of shafts, the Great Pyramid was the only pyramid built with airshafts. And, again, no one really knows why. More importantly, these precise shafts align with celestial bodies, which opens up a ton of new questions. How did ancient people manage to create such precise cuts without advanced measurement tools? We’re sure that wood and ropes couldn’t make this happen. Besides, why did they even bother to align such a structure with the stars? What is the meaning behind it?

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Some are assuming that the whole star alignment thing has to do something with guiding the body to the afterlife. Some more extreme conspiracy theorists even believe that the alignments might have been used to send signals to aliens in outer space. However, not all shafts reach the outside area. While some were used for ventilation, others were completely shut off for no obvious reason.

The Massive 20 Ton Pyramid Doors Could Be Moved With a Single Push

Believe it or not, the doors of the pyramids weighed 20 tons and, even more surprisingly, you could open them with a single push. No human can push a 20-ton door open just like that. Unless we’re talking about the pyramid doors. These doors are structured with such perfect balance that you would be able to easily push them if you were stuck inside the structure.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

It takes a very minimal force to push the door open from the inside. You can even do it with a single hand. So, how did the Egyptians manage to create such impressive doors with no technology whatsoever? These doors were discovered the first time the Great Pyramid was being explored. However, people still don’t know how the Egyptians were able to cut and install them so perfectly.

People Haven’t Discovered Any Passages Connected to the New Chamber

One of the most recent discoveries in the pyramids was a new mysterious chamber called the “big void.” After all, it truly is a void, since the chamber is not connected to any passages inside the pyramid. Why did the Egyptians create a completely disconnected chamber and what was it for? The giant chamber is at least 30 meters long and it is located above the Grand Gallery. Some scientists believe the chamber was placed there to relieve some of the weight and prevent the Grand Gallery from caving in.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Today, tourists and visitors can visit the Grand Gallery if they walk hunched down through a long tunnel. The Grand Gallery is connected to the Queen’s chamber which can also be visited. Overall, the new chamber discovered is about the same size as the Grand Gallery and it is located right above it. Its real purpose remains unknown.

Pyramids Were Intentionally Lined Up With Constellations

Egyptians apparently loved aligning things. It’s not only the shafts that are aligned with celestial bodies. All three Pyramids of Giza are connected to outer space. The Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure’s pyramids are precisely aligned with the stars of the popular Orion’s Belt. The pyramids are aligned with stars Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. How this was possible and why they did it remains a mystery.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

To make things even weirder, besides each pyramid being aligned with a star in the Orion’s Belt, the three pyramids are aligned with one another at their southeast corners. After all, the Orion’s Belt wasn’t even discovered until 2000 years after the pyramids were built. The Egyptians connected that constellation with Osiris, the God of Rebirth, and the Afterlife, thousands of years before it was named Orion’s Belt.

Ancient Peoples Believed That Pyramids Had a Connection with the God of the Sun

Some believe that pyramids were built by aliens, while others subscribe to the more realistic theory that pyramids were used as power plants. If none of these sounds possible to you, there is another theory about pyramids and how they were likely used to help kings ascend to Sun Ra, the God of the Sun. After all, they considered kings to be deities on Earth back in the day.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Upon death, the king’s body would be placed inside the pyramid to be able to go back to the God of the Sun. That is why they buried kings with objects that they might use in the afterlife. This whole spiritual guidance to the afterlife would explain why they bothered to align the pyramids with stars and constellations.

The Pyramid Chambers Were Designed with Greater Precision Than the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Would you believe it if we told you that the ancient Egyptians might have been more advanced than our own civilization? It’s quite possible since their chambers point north with much better precision than the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. We’re not talking about the general North but the specific direction towards the magnetic North. So, how did they build something more precise than our technology?

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich was created in 1675 and it sets the actual clock to GTC (Greenwich Mean Time or Prime Meridian Time). If it took people so many centuries to create the Royal Observatory, what kind of strategies and technologies were the Egyptians using back in the day? Today’s scientists are still baffled by this idea.

Evidence From the Pyramids Show That Egyptians Had Knowledge of Mathematics

We already know that there are tons of carvings inside the pyramids and other ancient structures. However, some evidence shows that the ancient Egyptians had knowledge of mathematical constants. Things start getting weirder and weirder from here. If you subtract the length of the Great Pyramid with its height, the result you will get is 314.16 – 100 times Pi. If you then add the two sides together in meters, it equals 100 times Phi, also known as the Golden Number that is used in art, architecture, and theology.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

However, what makes this so strange is that Pi as an official mathematical constant was not recognized until 1793. We needed modern measurements to figure out this constant but it seems like the Egyptians already knew about it. Ancient Egyptians used cubits to measure things, where one cubit equaled 0.536 meters. So, what does that have to do with anything? Well, the circumference of a circle that has the diameter of a single cubit equals Pi. In other words, the Egyptians were obviously capable of making complex calculations. How? Who knows…

There Used to Be Many Structures Surrounding the Pyramids

The area around the pyramids used to look completely different than it does now. Today, it seems like the pyramids stand alone in a desert area with nothing around them. Well, things weren’t that way back in the day, as there were actually many structures surrounding the magnificent pyramids. However, the pyramids were still the most important structures in town, despite being surrounded by Necropolis, the so-called smaller tombs. It’s kind of creepy when you think about it since Necropolis translates to the City of the Dead.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Besides the pyramids and Necropolis, other structures in the area included religious buildings and templates for honoring the king. The staff, that is, the people who worked in temples and took care of the kings also lived in the smaller buildings in the area. You will also find the magnificent Great Sphinx of Giza near the pyramids.

No One Knows Who Built the Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza is a story for itself. Much like the pyramids, the Sphinx carries a similar mystery. No one knows who built it and why exactly it was built. Some people even find the Sphinx far more interesting and mysterious than the pyramids. If you look for evidence as to who had built the Sphinx, you will come across two theories. Some believe that Khafre was the one who created the Sphinx and the second largest pyramid. If this was true, it would mean that the Sphinx was built around 2500 BCE. The reason why people believe in this theory is that the statue features some of Khafre’s physical features. On the other hand, it could only be a coincidence.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

On the other side are the scholars and scientists who believe that the Sphinx is older than Kharfe and that it was built by his father Khufu, the one who commissioned the Great Pyramid. You can also join those who believe that the Sphinx is older than all the pyramids and that it was built in an era where Egypt saw a lot of rain around 6000 BCE because the statue shows signs of water damage. However, it is known that the Sphinx and the pyramids flooded every year until the Aswan dam was built. It seems like the Egyptians weren’t smart enough to see that coming.

Archeologists Have Discovered 17 New Pyramids

As if the whole Pyramids of Giza thing wasn’t enough, scientists and archaeologists went on to discover 17 more uncovered pyramids. They used satellite technology to uncover hidden structures underneath the surface of Earth and they found a total of 17 pyramids around Giza. But that’s not all they found. Thanks to infra-red technology, researchers found over one thousand burial sites hidden underneath the sand in the area.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

“I couldn’t believe we could locate so many sites. To excavate a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist,” said Sarah Parcak, a professional archaeologist funded by NASA. Two of these newly discovered pyramids are already being studied by teams on the ground. Even though new pyramids are being discovered every day, the oldest one is still the Pyramid of Djoser.

The Oldest of All Pyramids

The oldest of all known pyramids, the Pyramid of Djoser, is located northwest of Memphis. It is believed that it was built during the 27th century BC. Unlike the Great Pyramid that is surrounded by burial sites and tombs, the Pyramid of Djoser is surrounded by a courtyard and a variety of ceremonial decorations. It is obvious that the structure had suffered a lot, as it was severely damaged by different weather conditions. According to some previously discovered evidence, the structure was originally 203 feet tall.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Unlike other pyramids, the Pyramid of Djoser features a step pyramid structure, also known as the mudbrick structure that contains multiple complexes. Inside the pyramid, you will find a burial chamber but, strangely, when the pyramid was first discovered, the archaeologists did not find a body inside it. There is evidence that the pyramid was used as the tomb of King Djoser but there was nobody nor golden treasure inside it. Who knows what happened there!

It Took Humanity 3 871 Years to Build a Structure Taller Than the Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Giza held the title of the world’s tallest structure for a total of 3 871 years. In other words, it took almost 4 000 years for humanity to create a new structure taller than the pyramid that was built by a supposedly primitive civilization. The new tallest structure was the Lincoln Cathedral in England, which was built in 1311. What’s even stranger is that the Egyptians built the pyramids in 20 years, but it took people over 200 years to build the English Cathedral. Once again, how did Egyptians manage to do this?

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

If you take a look at the Cathedral of Lincoln today, you wouldn’t believe it was taller than the stunning Pyramid at Giza. However, that’s only because the Cathedral’s central spire collapsed in 1549, after which it was never built (yet the pyramids are centuries old and still standing). The Cathedral of Lincoln was the world’s tallest building for a total of 238 years but its significance lies in the record it broke!

The Great Pyramid Is the Last of the Seven Ancient Wonders that Still Exists

It is important to mention that the Great Pyramid is the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World that is still standing. This is quite unbelievable, considering the fact that it was built between 2584 and 2561 BCE. There is no doubt that the structure stood the test of time as it could not be destroyed by shattering earthquakes and bad weather conditions during the centuries.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The six other Ancient Wonders of the World weren’t strong enough to survive to this day. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were destroyed by an earthquake, just like the Statue of Zeus. The Temple of Artemis was destroyed by a Christian mob in 401 CE, while the Colossus of Rhodes was melted down after a merchant purchased it in 654 CE. In other words, none of these structures could match the pyramids in strength and durability.

For Some Reason, All Pyramids Were Built on the West Bank of the Nile

It seems strange that all pyramids were built on the same side of the river Nile – the west bank. However, there was a logical reason behind this. The pyramids had to face the sun because it was believed that the sun was the home of the dead. After all, the Sun was a pretty big deal for ancient Egyptians. Another reason is the fact that the Egyptian rulers feared that their bodies would be robbed after death (no wonder, since they brought gold and all kinds of goodies into their tombs). They hoped the pyramids would protect them in the afterlife as well.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

As clever as their plans had seemed, they weren’t good enough to stop experienced grave-robbers. Even though the bodies were buried in the middle of the pyramids in chambers that could be accessed only by those who knew the way around the mysterious passageways, greedy grave-robbers still found their way to the rich tombs. Stonewalls and traps couldn’t keep them away from the hidden treasures in the hearts of the stunning structures at Giza.

Egyptians Carried Items into the Afterlife

Ancient Egyptians passionately believed in the afterlife. They stood firmly behind their beliefs that the soul continues its journey after death, seeking its home in the other world. That is why Egyptians were buried with different objects and goodies that were supposed to help them in the afterlife. These objects included everything from expensive jewelry and gold to random everyday items. One thing that was commonly added to tombs was food. Apparently, being dead can work up your appetite!

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Another thing Egyptians tried to take to their “afterlife” were small statues. Archaeologists and historians later discovered that it was believed that these small statues come to life in the other world and provide service for the pharaoh. When one tomb was discovered, archaeologists found over 400 statues inside, which were the only items this person wanted to take to the afterlife. Looks like someone wanted an army of servants in the other world!

A Kurdish Ruler Wanted to Destroy the Pyramids

Believe it or not, someone was brave enough to try to destroy the pyramids in the 12th century. A Kurdish ruler known as Al-Aziz wanted to destroy the pyramids so he went along with Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt and tried to execute his plan. However, it seemed like the task was too difficult for his capabilities so he decided to give up.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Even though he did not succeed, Al-Aziz left his mark on the Menkaure’s Pyramid. If you visit the pyramid today, you will see a slash on one side. That’s everything that Al-Aziz managed to accomplish during his evil plan to destroy one of the most stunning structures in the world. This mark stands to prove how sturdy and indestructible these structures truly are.

The Great Pyramid Could Be Seen From the Moon

We already mentioned that the pyramids used to be covered in shiny limestone. However, we didn’t mention that they could be seen from the moon! Because of the limestone layer, the great Pyramids were considered the main jewel of Egypt. According to scientific calculations, the pyramids could have been seen from the moon thanks to the reflective surface. Even the people living in the mountains of Israel could’ve seen these glorious structures.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

It is known that the ancient Egyptians called the Great Pyramid “Ikhet.” This ancient word translates to “glorious light.” This is evidence enough that the pyramids used to be truly magnificent. However, we will never know how bright the structure really was.

The Temperature Inside the Pyramids is 68 Degrees

Even though it was proven that some parts of the pyramids generate mysterious heat, the structure itself still remains relatively cool on the inside. Official temperature readings show that the most common temperature inside the structure is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides being able to create such an astonishing building, the ancient Egyptians were able to incorporate a cooling system using nothing but “primitive” tools.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The pyramid’s ventilation system is made of strategically placed airshafts. Once these shafts are opened, they immediately let cool air inside the chamber. As soon as you open them, the temperature in the chamber drops quickly. However, what is so mind-blowing is that no matter the temperature outside, the temperature inside the pyramids always remains 68 degrees. No one knows how this is possible without any machinery and technologies maintaining the temperature.

Pyramids Were Not Built By Slave Workers

We used to be thought that the pyramids, just like everything else, were built by slaves. However, recent evidence shows that the pyramids were not built by slaves. Instead, they were built by paid workers who spent hours constructing the complex structures. It took over 20 000 people to build the pyramids and the majority of the workforce was brought from the north and south. Unlike the slaves who were treated horribly, these paid workers were highly respected for creating this kind of art.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

We only learned about the paid workers in 2010. Prior to then, people believed that it was slaves who actually struggled to create the pyramids at Giza. Archaeologists discovered tombs of the paid pyramid workers during an expedition and the fact that the bodies had been preserved in sand and buried with food shows that these people were not poor slaves.

The Substance Used to Glue Bricks of the Pyramids Together Remains Unknown to This Day

There is no doubt that the pyramids are the most stable structures in the world. They were built stone by stone but the ancient people obviously needed something to keep the stones together. Unfortunately, even modern scientists still don’t know what was used to glue the stones together. It is evident that some sort of adhesive had to be put in place but we still haven’t broken it down into its basics.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

For all we know, the “glue” that ancient Egyptians used is incredibly strong. Perhaps if we figured out the components of this strong adhesive, we could change the way we build structures forever. It is obvious that the glue between the massive stones is so strong that it has made the pyramids indestructible and resistant to earthquakes, weather conditions, and intentional attacks.

The First Pyramids Had Flat Tops

Once again, a pyramid as a geometrical shape has four sides and a pointy top. However, not all pyramids point towards the sky. In fact, the earliest Egyptian pyramids had flat tops. These structures did not even have triangular sides and they didn’t even look like the traditional pyramids. They were, however, used as tombs, just like the ordinary pyramids.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

One of the oldest pyramids with a flat top is the Pyramid of Djoser, also known as the oldest pyramid in Egypt. Many scientists believe that other pyramids were built around a similar time as the Djoser Pyramid. All pyramids featured burial chambers, no matter whether they had flat or pointy tops. However, the flat-top pyramids, known as Mastabas, had one special purpose. Stick around to learn what it was!

The Tombs of the People

Mastabas are small tombs with flat tops that featured hidden chambers underground. However, it was not pharaohs who were buried in these tombs. The flat-topped tombs were reserved for pharaohs’ subjects. Believe it or not, ancient Egyptian rulers buried their loyal subjects in special tombs as well. They were not as important to have their own pyramid but they surely could get a spot in one of the flat-topped Mastabas.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The reason why pharaohs buried their loyal subjects is that it was believed that they would still serve them in the afterlife. Another common Egyptian belief was that the dead people needed to be tended so that the soul could carry on its journey. That’s why many of these unique Mastabas had false doors where families could leave their offerings. Before these structures were built, people were buried in pit graves along with their worthy belongings.

The First Pyramid Was Designed by Imhotep

We all know about Imhotep, the popular character from The Mummy movie franchise. However, we’re not sure whether the character was named after the real Egyptian deity. Either way, the real Imhotep was the one who designed the first Egyptian pyramid. As one of the most popular architects of his time, Imhotep was the chief minister of Djoser.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

He designed the pyramid from the first blocks all the way to the top. Because of this, King Djoser respected him so much that he requested for a statue to bear Imhotep’s name in the King’s court, which was an honor like no other at the time. Besides being an accomplished architect, Imhotep also had ties with medicine and he was worshiped as the God of Medicine in Egypt. What an odd combination of professions!

How Much Do We Know About the Egyptian Afterlife

We already established what the purpose of the pyramids was – to guide the kings’ and pharaohs’ souls into the afterlife. Egyptians seemed to have known a lot about the afterlife. In fact, they were quite obsessed with it. They firmly believed that their land was a place that God had chosen for them.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Thus, they believed that life after death included going back to their original place of origin. However, unlike the life on Earth, they believed that life after death was free from pain and sorrow of any kind. That’s why they buried people with things and objects that would bring them joy in the other world.

Hieroglyphics Were Not Found in the Pyramids

We often associate hieroglyphics with the Egyptian pyramids, even though we don’t really know why. After all, no hieroglyphics were ever found inside the pyramids. However, we haven’t yet investigated these structures completely and, if there are any unknown hidden chambers, we cannot be sure whether they contain hieroglyphics. There are chambers in the Great Pyramids that are so small that only tiny robots can explore them. A small robot once found a new chamber in 2002 but it was completely empty.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

A more recent discovery by a robot showed evidence of what looked like hieroglyphics. The robot used a micro-snake camera to capture what seemed to be the first hieroglyphics ever found inside a pyramid. Maybe these symbols could answer some of the mysteries tied to the Egyptian pyramids. One of those mysteries was the fact that the pyramids could actually tell time!

Pyramids Could Tell Time

As if all the alignments and stunning structures weren’t enough, Egyptians made it possible for pyramids to tell time. The incredible structure of the pyramids was designed so that it doesn’t cast shadows at noon. In other words, the Great Pyramid was not only an ancient tomb but also a sundial and it is one of the most complex sundials ever built.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

In case you’ve never heard about them, sundials are one of the earliest objects used for timekeeping. These ancient clocks could cast a shadow based on the position of the sun and tell the time as accurately as our modern clocks today. In fact, sundials are the most accurate way to tell time even today. What is truly astonishing is the fact that ancient people managed to build such a large pyramid and turn it into a sundial as well.

If the Great Pyramid Was a Power Plant, Egyptians Might Have Had Electricity

Basic history books will tell you that the Pyramids of Giza were only burial grounds for pharaohs and kings. Yeah, right… Why would they build such majestic structures if they had no other intentions than to throw some dead bodies inside? Many conspiracy theorists share a far more interesting opinion that the Great Pyramid was a power plant and that the ancient Egyptians were an advanced society that even had electricity.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

After all, there is clear evidence in carvings that depicted images of Egyptians holding torches that seemed to be powered by wireless electricity. Let’s not forget that the water passing through the underground tunnels and cavities in the pyramid can create an electrical current. More scientific evidence proves that the shafts inside the pyramid are crafted from slightly radioactive granite, which ionizes the air and creates an environment similar to a conductive insulating cable. Who knows, maybe that’s what this whole pyramid mystery was about.

The Amount of Stones Used to Build the Pyramids Would Be Enough to Build a Wall Around France

If you were to take all the stones that were used to build the pyramids, you could build a wall around the entire country of France. It wouldn’t be a short wall either. You could build a ten-foot-tall wall only using the components of these ancient structures. The wall would be one foot thick and it would perhaps be one of the sturdiest walls in the world.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

This leaves us wondering where did Egyptians get that many stones? Many believed that the stones were collected around the river Nile while some came from the Quarries of Aswan. Interestingly, these sites exist to this day, even though most of them have been flooded several times throughout the centuries. Some were even destroyed by mining.

The Great Pyramid Was Not a Tomb

The purpose of the Great Pyramid at Giza remains the biggest Egyptian mystery to this day. Considering the fact that we are still nowhere near the truth, this concept might remain a mystery for centuries to come. What adds to the mystery is the fact that an actual body or a mummy was never discovered in the Great Pyramid at Giza, which leads many scholars to think that this pyramid was not used as a tomb at all.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The pyramid was first explored by Arabs back in 820 AD, who only found a granite box known as the “coffer.” However, this doesn’t mean that the pyramid was not a tomb. It could mean that the tomb was robbed and that the mummy was stolen. However, there is still a possibility that the Great Pyramid was not intended to be the eternal resting place at all. So, what was it used for? Maybe we will find out someday!

The Location of the Great Pyramid Has a Special Meaning

According to the calculations by Dr. Joseph Seiss, the pyramids are located at the exact spot where the world’s most extended lines of longitude and latitude meet. Dr. Seiss came up with this exciting conclusion in 1877, which forever changed the way people say the Pyramids at Giza. Most simply put, his complex calculations proved that the pyramids sit at the end center of all landmass on Earth.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

The question is, was this done on purpose? Were the Egyptians aware of this when building the pyramids or is it a pure coincidence? If it really is a coincidence, then it is quite a strange one. For all we know, the Pyramids at Giza are the most accurately aligned structures in the entire world.

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