Peculiar Habits People Picked Up During The Victorian Era

From 1837 until 1901, the United Kingdom was ruled by Queen Victoria. A crucial era in British history that saw the Industrial Revolution unfold, there were also some peculiar habits that people picked up during the Victorian Era that will make you wonder just how sane they were.

Living on the Edge

While tanning is all the rage these days, back in Victorian England, remaining pale was the major fashion trend. If the women felt as if they weren’t pale enough, they would take the risk of chewing on chalk wafers containing toxic arsenic in order to keep their complexions lily white.

Saying Goodbye

Parting ways with a newly departed loved one is painful. For Victorian Era families, however, this was the perfect time to immortalize their family members who passed. It was quite a popular trend at the time for families to pose with their family members who recently passed away in photographs, thereby immortalizing their memory.

Unraveling the Past

As is the case with many history buffs today, people in Victorian England would often exhibit a keen interest in Ancient Egypt and its practices. In fact, many of those who visited Egypt would return with a mummy, unwrapping it to show the remains to their guests at mummy unwrapping parties.

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