The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

While the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise has captured the hearts and imaginations of adoring fans across the world, not all of the antics that take place in this adrenaline-pumping film franchise are fiction. Here are some swashbuckling facts about the real pirates of the Caribbean.

Blackbeard the Fierce

Known for terrorizing the Seven Seas, Blackbeard’s biggest haul came when he hijacked the 200-tonne, 160-cannon French navy ship known as La Concorde. After capturing his booty, Blackbeard renamed the ship Queen Anne’s Revenge; the same name as the famous ship from the movie series.

Lost Treasure

In 1996, researchers stumbled upon what they believed to be the wreckage of Queen Anne’s Revenge. In addition to finding over 250,000 precious artifacts, the researchers also discovered an inscription that read: “IHS Maria, año 1709.” This suggests that the ship may have originally been built in Spain or Portugal.

Far and Wide

Although the Caribbean may have been famous as a hub for pirates and outlaws, pirates weren’t restricted to this region. In fact, piracy went as far north as Canada, where 17th-century pirate Peter Easton terrorized the Newfoundland coastline. In fact, he was so fearsome that the Canadian government was unable to overpower him.

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