Top 3 Longest Winning Streaks in NBA History

Putting together a long winning streak in the NBA is extremely hard. Teams play a game almost every other night and play against different opponents with different strengths and weaknesses. However, there were some great NBA teams throughout history that managed to win night in and night out for an incredibly long period.

Golden State Warriors in 2015-16

Winning Streak: 24 Games

The Golden State Warriors entered the 2015-16 NBA season after winning the NBA championship the season before and just continued with their winning ways. The Warriors ended up winning the first 24 games of the season, which was the best start in NBA history, before losing to the Milwaukee Bucks on December 12, 2015. Golden State ended the season with an all-time best 73-9 record and advanced to the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Miami Heat in 2012–13

Winning Streak: 27 Games

Fresh from their 2012 NBA Finals win, the Miami Heat were once again the best team in the NBA in the 2012–13 season, fronted by stars LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. After a 100–85 win over the Toronto Raptors on February 3, 2013, the Heat would go on to win another 26 consecutive games before their winning streak ended with a 97–101 loss to the Chicago Bulls on March 27, 2013. The Heat would go on to win their second straight NBA title that season.

Los Angeles Lakers in 1971–72

Winning Streak: 33 Games

The 1971–72 season was a special one for the Los Angeles Lakers for multiple reasons. The first reason was that they managed to win 33 games between November 5, 1971, and January 9, 1972, setting a record for the longest winning streak in NBA history that remains untouched to date. The second one was that the Lakers ended the season by winning an NBA championship, which was their first since the franchise relocated from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

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