Top 3 Lost Treasures That Can Still Be Found Today

Lost treasures depicted in books, movies, and video games, are usually based on myths, legends, and rumors. However, there are quite a few lost treasures that actually exist somewhere in the world and can still be found. Check out some of them and channel your inner Indiana Jones.

Imperial Fabergé Eggs

Imperial Fabergé eggs are legendary jeweled eggs made for Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II to be gifted to female members of their families. A total of 52 eggs were made, but only the location of 46 eggs is currently known. The remaining six Imperial Fabergé Eggs are considered lost and, if found, could be worth millions of dollars.

Copper Scroll Treasure

Found in one cave in Qumran National Park, Copper Scroll is the list of 64 locations that supposedly contain gold and silver treasures. However, the instructions on how to reach these locations are vague and contain references that could be understood only by people familiar with the area. Based on the list, the treasure is measured in tons. 

Lost Inca Gold

The lost Inca gold sounds like a piece of fiction, but there is historical evidence that the treasure is actually real. The gold was collected to pay the ransom for Inca king Atahualpa, who was captured by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in the 16th century. The Incas promised Pizarro a “room full of gold” in exchange for Atahualpa’s freedom, but Pizarro ended up killing the Inca king before the exchange could happen. Once the news of the death of Atahualpa spread out, Inca general Rumiñahui hid the treasure somewhere in the caves of Ecuador mountains.

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