The Powerful and Unknown Ancient Kingdoms of the World

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If you were to name a couple of powers that ruled over the ancient world at some point in time, you would probably name the Romans, the Chinese, or even the Incas. However, there were numerous kingdoms throughout the history that made a huge impact on the course of history but have been left out of most history books. Whether it be a kingdom that conquered for new resources, a kingdom who wanted to have a better geographical location, or the combination of both, they were very successful in what they did and managed to sustain themselves for centuries, before eventually disappearing. Here is our list for the most unnoticed of them all.

The Kingdom of Phrygia existed from 1200 to 700 B.C. on the land of now modern Turkey. Their ruler was one of the most famous figures of the ancient times, the legendary King Midas himself. He lived in the capital of the Phrygia, which was named Gordion.


Gandhara was an ancient mountain kingdom. The kingdom expanded in the land of modern northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan.

History remembers them for their Greek-influenced Buddhist art. The art was actually the result of the kingdom being conquered by Alexander the Great back in 327 B.C. A bodhisattva sculpture was left behind by this ancient kingdom, and it symbolizes the ancient mix of East and West.


Khotan was also a Buddhist kingdom that rose to power due to its strategic location. The kingdom lay on the Silk Road, which is now modern western China, and was able to use it to their advantage.

The Powerful and Unknown Ancient Kingdoms of the World

It was eventually conquered in 1006 A.D. However, the kingdom left behind a Rawak Stupa which is a Buddhist shrine that is nearly 30 feet tall and built in the Taklamakan Desert.


Chimú was a powerful kingdom that claimed the land of now modern northern Peru. It lasted for almost 500 years, before being eventually conquered by the Incas in 1470 A.D.

The capital, named Chan Chan is considered to have been one of the biggest pre-Columbian cities built in the Americas.


The kingdom of Nri, or the kingdom of Igbo, is a much younger kingdom than the ones we listed before. It was a medieval kingdom that claimed the land of what is now modern Nigeria from the 10th century A.D. and up until their defeat by the British colonists in 1911.

The Powerful and Unknown Ancient Kingdoms of the World

The ornament you see in the picture was used to decorate the staff that was considered an authority in the kingdom of Nri. However, it is also a symbol of their metal work, for what they are known for as well.


The kingdom of Kandy laid on what is now modern Sri Lanka. They were tasked with protecting a relic tooth of the Buddha.

They managed to hold their ground from the 15th century and up to the 19th century when they were eventually conquered by the British colonists. Not to worry though, the tooth is safe and is on display in a temple at the kingdom’s once-capital.


You might not have heard of the Sabean kingdom, but once we mention the Queen of Sheba, you will know who we are talking about. According to biblical testaments, the Queen of Sheba rivaled King Solomon not only in her wealth but also her power.

The Sabeans built many temples for their gods, including Bar’an temple, which is dedicated to their moon god Almaqah. They worshiped at these temples for more than a thousand years, and if you want to see them in person, they are still standing today in modern Yemen.


Iceni is a kingdom that we do not know much about due to the fact that its remains are still being excavated from beneath modern-day Colchester, which is considered to have been the seat of their Queen named Boudicca.

However, one thing is for certain, the Iceni fought against the Roman invasion that happened in Britain around 60 A.D.


Colchis kingdom was already famous back in ancient Greece, due to their myth of being the land of the golden fleece. The myth was not far from reality, as Colchis was actually the land of gold.

They collected the gold from the Caucasus Mountain. You would think that a kingdom as rich as that would be the prey of many others, but it thrived for nearly 700 years before it was mysteriously destroyed by an unknown force.

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