Wooden Board From “Titanic” Sells at Auction for $718K

A wooden board from James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic that saved the life of Rose (Kate Winslet) has been recently sold at an auction organized by Heritage Auctions. It ended up fetching a price of $718,750.

In the movie, Rose climbs on the wooden board to avoid icy waters after the sinking of Titanic. Her lover Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) clings to the board but doesn’t get up out of fear it couldn’t hold them both. Rose ends up being rescued, but Jack doesn’t make it.

The scene has been the subject of a hot debate ever since the movie got out, with fans arguing that the wooden board could have easily carried both Rose and Jack. Now, the new owner of the prop will have a chance to test it, albeit for a hefty price. 

“Original hero flotation prop made of balsa wood crafted with ornate floral accents and scrolling curves – design motifs prevalent in rococo architecture. Based on the most famous complete piece of debris salvaged from the 1912 tragedy, this intricately carved prop bears a striking resemblance to the Louis XV-style panel housed in the Maritime Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia,” it states in the wooden board’s listing description.

The wooden board from the Titanic movie was part of a large Treasures From Planet Hollywood auction. It featured several other items from the same movie as well as props from movies like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Kingpin.

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