Best Superbowls in History, Ranked

The Super Bowl has a half a century history with some of the Super Bowls being the most boring thing you have ever witnessed and some being the best thing you have seen in your life.

We’re Obsessed With These Famous LGBTQ Couples 

From society’s views to antiquated laws, LGBTQ couples simply have to overcome so much just to exist and thrive the way heterosexual couples so easily do in the spotlight. Celebrities especially face a specific set of challenges, as famous couples get tried in the court of public opinion for the smallest mistakes. 

Ranked: The Worst Contracts in NBA History

Giving big-time deals to players has always been a risky move for NBA teams. When a player signs a contract, they are almost always guaranteed a salary – whether they actually perform well or not. No matter how well you research, plan, and carefully select players to ensure the deals work out, the team is strong, and returns are generated, there are always some ballers who turn out to be completely undeserving of the amount they’re being paid.

Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Researchers initially believed that it probably took around 20 years for 20,000 people to build the largest pyramid. It was built around 2550 BC under the order of Pharaoh Khufu. Historians and other experts claim that the Egyptians only used wooden tools and ropes to build this kind of structure.

The Incredible True Story of Mike Tyson’s Many Rises and Falls

Unless they grew up under a rock, everyone has heard of Mike Tyson. While sports fans know him for his incredible boxing career that cumulated in an illegal move--the infamous ear incident--even more recognize him from his stint in the movie The Hangover. 

12 Terrifying Ancient Sports We’re Glad Never Made it to the Modern World

Fred FosterFebruary 11, 2022 We're so fascinated by sports culture today, that it's hard to imagine life without it....

When Slavery in the US Was Actually Meant to End

It was New Year's morning in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln hosted a three-hour reception in the White House. The results of which would change the course of American history forever. In the afternoon, President Lincoln slipped away into his office and signed a peculiar document.

These are the Most Famous Kidnaps in History

Contrary to popular belief, kidnapping is not a modern-day crime. People have been getting kidnapped all throughout history, all over the world. However, there are no common reasons or motives behind the kidnapping. Some do it for revenge; others do it to get paid. The latter is one of the most common reasons behind kidnapping in modern times. The richer your family is, the better your chances are at being kidnapped and ransomed back to your family.

The History and Legacy of Mary Queen of Scots

On December 8, 1542, a girl by the name of Mary Stuart was born, but history remembers her as Mary, Queen of Scots. Her parents were Mary of Guise from France and King James V. Soon after she was born, her father died and she inherited the crown at only six days old. Mary is most remembered for supposedly trying to steal the throne from Queen Elizabeth I, which ultimately led to her execution in 1587. However, Mary’s life was full of great tragedies and interesting facts. This woman accomplished a lot in the 44 years she lived, so read on to find out what made Mary, the Queen of Scots such an interesting historical figure.

12 Years After Being Dumped by Her Ex-Wife, Woman Falls in Love with the Most Unexpected Person

Compared to straight couples, lesbian couples undeniably face more significant challenges in their relationships. From winning the approval of the people around them to getting married and down to building a family, there are many hardships faced. Fortunately, society is becoming more welcoming to same-sex relationships, and the medical field also provides solutions relating to pregnancy issues. 

21 of the Greatest WWE Women’s Matches of All Time

Although they still had a long way to go, by 2016, WWE was finally presenting women’s wrestling more seriously. At WrestleMania 32, WWE legend Lita unveiled the brand new WWE Women’s Championship. The days of the Diva were over, well, for the most part. 

Shocked Dad Faints After Seeing Wife’s Abnormal Sonogram Results

Nia and Robert Tolbert wanted to have a normal family like the next person. Everything looked like it was going according to plan until Nia had one miraculous pregnancy after the other - four pregnancies that baffled medical professionals and catapulted the Tolberts onto television! We look into how Nia’s pregnancies were so incredulous, defying even the couple’s expectations.

The Top Three Offenses in NFL History

Thanks to the rules the NFL has implemented over the course of the last 20 years, football has increasingly become a game that’s focused on offense. One need only look at the increase in scoring league average per team over time: 23.3 in 2018/19 season, vs a high of 21.5 between 1990 to 2001.

Joe Burrow: How the Cincinnati Bengals Can Help the QB Achieve History

The 2020 NFL draft is slated to go ahead from April 23 to April 25, despite the global coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the global sporting calendar. And while team officials are preparing for a virtual draft, much of the attention surrounding the event has been fixed squarely on the Cincinnati Bengals, and what they intend to do with their no.1 pick.

Thomas Jefferson and the Quran; How the Book Became a Best Seller

Islam was introduced to North America when slaves from Africa brought their religion with them. It took quite a lot of time before the first English translation of the Quran was introduced to the public back in the 1700s. It actually became a bestseller at the time, and it was particularly popular among Protestants, both back in England and in the American colonies. One of the first readers of the English Quran was also Thomas Jefferson.

These Unique Pictures Depict Our Beautiful History

Monumental men, women, and children have created an infinite amount of remarkable moments. Unfortunately, memories of these people and what they did are confined. Tales of their extraordinary personalities and feats are often limited to the bigger moments, while other astounding things are often overlooked.

Perfectly Timed Pictures