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12 Years After Being Dumped by Her Ex-Wife, Woman Falls in Love with the Most Unexpected Person

Compared to straight couples, lesbian couples undeniably face more significant challenges in their relationships. From winning the approval of the people around them to getting married and down to building a family, there are many hardships faced. Fortunately, society is becoming more welcoming to same-sex relationships, and the medical field also provides solutions relating to pregnancy issues. 

The Romanovs – Here’s What You Didn’t Know about the Last Tsar Family

The 19th century met a romantic end, meeting with the climatic change in technology and society. However, it was not as wonderful to the royal families who rule the world from palaces across Europe for they struggled to adapt. It was a time when the fall of a family was considered to be the end of an era of princes and princesses, and of castles and kings.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Charlie Sheen was one of the richest actors in Hollywood until 2012, when he was fired from the set of Two and a Half Men because of his dreadful conduct. Sheen is known for being a selfish and misogynistic person. Indeed, in numerous interviews, he found interesting to educate us about tiger blood, named Rihanna the b-word and even made a list to rank his female associates on screen.

40 Nearly Perfect Movie Masterpieces

In 2004, director Michel Gondry and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman joined forces to create Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The movie centers around a man named Joel Barish, played by Jim Carey, who starts up a romantic relationship with Clementine, an outgoing girl portrayed by Kate Winslet.

20 Of The Greatest Tag Teams In Wrestling History

Bookers and promoters say that investing in a tag team in the wrestling business is a double-edged sword. Whilst there is double the chance for success, there is also double the risk of failure! Perhaps this explains why the art of tag team wrestling in today’s landscape seems to be all but lost? There are of course some talented tag teams around today, but they rarely receive the same spotlight or push as their singles counterparts. So today we are taking the opportunity to shine a light on and discuss some of the greatest tag teams of ALL time.

21 of the Greatest WWE Women’s Matches of All Time

Although they still had a long way to go, by 2016, WWE was finally presenting women’s wrestling more seriously. At WrestleMania 32, WWE legend Lita unveiled the brand new WWE Women’s Championship. The days of the Diva were over, well, for the most part. 

Joe Burrow: How the Cincinnati Bengals Can Help the QB Achieve History

The 2020 NFL draft is slated to go ahead from April 23 to April 25, despite the global coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the global sporting calendar. And while team officials are preparing for a virtual draft, much of the attention surrounding the event has been fixed squarely on the Cincinnati Bengals, and what they intend to do with their no.1 pick.

Thomas Jefferson and the Quran; How the Book Became a Best Seller

Islam was introduced to North America when slaves from Africa brought their religion with them. It took quite a lot of time before the first English translation of the Quran was introduced to the public back in the 1700s. It actually became a bestseller at the time, and it was particularly popular among Protestants, both back in England and in the American colonies. One of the first readers of the English Quran was also Thomas Jefferson.

These Unique Pictures Depict Our Beautiful History

Monumental men, women, and children have created an infinite amount of remarkable moments. Unfortunately, memories of these people and what they did are confined. Tales of their extraordinary personalities and feats are often limited to the bigger moments, while other astounding things are often overlooked.

Who Are The Heaviest NFL Players?

Ty, a Watsonville, California native, is an offensive lineman for the Titans who weighs a lean 315 pounds. He was a high school student at Saint Francis Central Coast Catholic High School when he started his career as a two-way lineman and three-year team captain. Later on, Ty became a first-team all-state selection as a senior and was also named the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League Offensive and Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Perfectly Timed Pictures

This is the type of swing that'll give you trust issues for the rest of your life.

30 Sports Rivalries That Turned Violent Through History

Sports can sometimes be a matter of life and death, and in many parts of the world, sports can be bigger and more important than religious institutions. Even in deeply religious areas like South America, football is treated as equally important, especially around the time of the World Cup. Certainly, this was the case for Andres Escobar, a Colombian defender who played for Atletico Nacional and the Colombian national team from the late 80s.