3 Funny Facts About Louis XIV, The Sun King

Louis XIV of France ruled for an impressive 72 years, making him one of the longest-reigning monarchs in European history. His reign was marked by significant achievements, including the construction of the magnificent Palace of Versailles. However, beyond the grandeur and the political intrigue, there were aspects of Louis XIV’s life that were quite amusing and lesser-known. 

Royal Dance Master

Louis XIV had a profound love for dance and even performed in several ballets during his youth. His most notable role was as the Sun in the ballet Ballet de la Nuit. This performance is said to have inspired his nickname, the Sun King.

Perfumed Court

Louis XIV took homemaking to another level by specifically decreeing that Versailles should always smell nice. The catch? Instead of regular cleaning, which was less common at the time, the palace was filled with bowls of sweet-smelling herbs and flowers, and even the fountains were perfumed. 

Fashion Forward

Louis XIV was known for his elaborate fashion sense, including his love for high-heeled shoes. Yes, the king wore heels, and he wore them well. They were often decorated with battle scenes, making them both a fashion statement and a testament to his power. 

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