3 Golf Records That Will Probably Never Be Broken

Golf records are not as nearly talked about as records in soccer, football, or basketball. That is a shame because the history of golf contains quite a lot of remarkable records, including more than a few that are so impressive that they will probably never be broken. Let’s check out some of them below.

Most Major Titles

Record: Jack Nicklaus With 18

Tiger Woods is considered to be the best golfer the world has ever seen. However, not even he managed to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 wins at the major championships. Woods is second on the list with 15, and considering his struggles with injuries in recent years, it is highly unlikely that he’ll manage to add to that tally. The closest other active golfers are Phil Mickelson, who has six, and Brooks Koepka, who has five.

Most Weeks as World No.1

Record: Tiger Woods With 683

While he might not have most major titles, Woods has plenty of other records on his resume. This includes spending an astonishing 683 weeks at the top of the world’s rankings. This is more than twice compared to second-placed Greg Norman, who was ranked No. 1 for 331 weeks. The closest active player is Dustin Johnson, with 135 weeks.

Most Consecutive Wins at PGA Tour

Record: Byron Nelson With 11

The PGA Tour is highly demanding, and it takes a lot of skills and effort to win one tournament, let alone do it several consecutive times. This is why Byron Nelson’s record of 11 consecutive wins on the PGA Tour in 1945 looks as unbreakable as it gets. The only golfer to even come close is Woods, who had seven consecutive wins in 2006 and 2007.

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