3 Historical Reasons to Visit Pompeii, Italy

The town of Pompeii is famous around the world for its incredible history and the stunning archaeological artifacts that continue to be discovered there on an almost daily basis. Each year, the site expands a little as archaeologists unearth slightly more of this ancient Roman town. If you’re a fan of archaeology or history, Pompeii is certainly a must-visit site, but even for those who are simply curious to see this famous site for themselves, there are multiple reasons to visit. Check out three of the top reasons for visiting this stunning site.

Frescoes and Murals

Pompeii hosts some of the best-preserved remnants of art from the ancient Mediterranean world. Whether you’re admiring the wall art in the so-called ‘House of Mysteries’, or observing the stunning detail in a bath-house mosaic, Pompeii is packed with examples of the artistry and expertise of the ancient Romans.

Mount Vesuvius

Given how well known the tragic history of the town of Pompeii is, it feels quite surreal to stand in the ancient marketplace and look up at Mount Vesuvius, the cause of so much death and destruction. These days, the mountain appears verdant and benign, although in fact the volcano is classed as one of the most dangerous in the world! It is well monitored by volcanologists, who will have to sound the alarm in order to evacuate one of the most populated areas of Italy, as and when Vesuvius erupts again.

The Amphitheater

Theaters and live entertainment were key to many people’s lives in the ancient world, and standing inside the remnants of Pompeii’s amphitheater, it’s easy to understand the impact that seeing a live performance here would have had. It is remarkably well preserved and offers a precious insight into the lives of people who inhabited Pompeii thousands of years ago.

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