3 Interesting Stories About Caligula

Caligula is often referred to as the “craziest” Roman emperor, even if his rule only lasted four years. During that time, Caligula managed to be involved in many bizarre events that turned the public and senators against him and prompted a conspiracy that resulted in his murder. Continue reading to check out some of the interesting stories about Caligula that history recorded.

Caligula Threatened a God

Caligula believed he was so powerful that no one should dare to question him, not even Roman gods. According to philosopher Seneca, Caligula once even threatened the god Jupiter. The Roman emperor was watching ballet when the performance was interrupted by a loud thunder crash. At that point, Caligula started jelling at the sky and threatening Jupiter that he would “beat him to death”.

Caligula Built a Bridge Using Ships to Prove an Astrologer Wrong

Roman astrologer Thrasyllus once predicted that Caligula had “no more chance of becoming emperor than of riding a horse across the Gulf of Baiae.” Caligula remembered this, and once he became an emperor, he decided to pull off a stunt to show Thrasyllus just how wrong he was. Caligula ordered a three-mile-long bridge out of ships to be built across the Gulf of Baiae and then crossed it on his horse.

Caligula Once Organized a Meeting to Inform People He Could Have Them Killed

Caligula loved to demonstrate his power in all sorts of ways. On one occasion, he decided to organize a meeting, inviting a large group of people. Once they arrived, Caligula informed them that the only purpose of the meeting was to inform them that he could have them killed if he wanted. 

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