Babe Ruth’s Top 3 Baseball Achievements That Will Probably Never Be Matched

Babe Ruth is almost universally considered the greatest baseball player of all time. He was not only dominant as a batter and a pitcher but also set a long list of records, some of which are still standing almost a century later. While there is a good chance that most of Babe Ruth’s accomplishments and records will be bested at some point, his following achievements will probably never be matched.

11 Seasons With 40+ Home Runs

Hitting a home run is quite hard. Hitting them consistently is reserved for truly great players. Home runs came naturally to Babe Ruth throughout the majority of his career. Ruth had 11 seasons with 40 or more homers, an achievement that is yet to be challenged. The second place on the list is reserved for Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Harmon Killebrew, and Hank Aaron, who each have eight such seasons.

.6897 Slugging Percentage

Slugging percentage is used to determine the productivity of a hitter during his plate appearances. The numbers say that there was not a more productive hitter than Babe Ruth in the history of the game, and probably there won’t be. The next best is Ted Williams with .6338, while the active player closest to Ruth is Aaron Judge with .5832.

6 Seasons With 150 or More Runs

Babe Ruth finished his career with 2,174 runs scored, placing him fourth on the all-time list. However, he had six seasons with 150 or more runs, an achievement that will hardly ever be matched. Billy Hamilton is second on the list with four such seasons, and no active player has surpassed the 150-mark run even once.

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