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Mickey just got engaged in Italy and is super excited! Mickey also recently finished his masters degree in communications and loves indulging in all things history.

Life After Presidency: What Ex-Presidents Do With Their Time

What happens to a former president? This has been a question people have asked since 1797 when George Washington retired from his position as president. In general, retired presidents find themselves in a unique position of high repute and are well thought of once they leave their positions. Even the scandalous presidents, like Richard Nixon and Ulysses Grant, ended up being well regarded over time, despite their poor reputation in office.

22 Surprising Facts About Early Humans

 Millions of years have passed since our ancestors roamed this earth, and we've learned much about them including archeological and anthropological discoveries from which we were able to draw so many scientific conclusions. We know we have less hair, walk straighter, and have better developed facial features than our Neanderthal, Homo erectus, and Homo sapien heritage - but what other factors have affected our evolution and adaptation? Here are some surprising insights into the lives of early humans.

A Peek Into What These 60 Iconic Sports Stars Are Doing Since Their Race Is Over

Ken Griffey Jr., also simply known as "Junior" or "The Kid", is a former American professional baseball player with a 22-year career on his back. Griffey Jr. played in the Major League Baseball (MLB), with most of his career years being spent with the Seattle Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds. 

The Powerful and Unknown Ancient Kingdoms of the World

If you were to name a couple of powers that ruled over the ancient world at some point in time, you would probably name the Romans, the Chinese, or even the Incas. However, there were numerous kingdoms throughout the history that made a huge impact on the course of history but have been left out of most history books. Whether it be a kingdom that conquered for new resources, a kingdom who wanted to have a better geographical location, or the combination of both, they were very successful in what they did and managed to sustain themselves for centuries, before eventually disappearing. Here is our list for the most unnoticed of them all.