Earth-Shattering Facts About the Ancient City of Pompeii

Once a vibrant and sophisticated city in the heart of Ancient Rome, Pompeii’s existence was dramatically halted in 79 A.D., when the nearby volcano of Mount Vesuvius erupted, engulfing the entire city in volcanic ash. Here are some of the most earth-shattering facts about Pompeii, a city frozen in time.

Perfect Teeth

What’s intriguing about the residents of Pompeii is that they seemed to forego the need to pay a visit to the dentist. Despite having a lack of dental equipment, Pompeii’s citizens have perfectly white teeth, scientists have determined. This is believed to be a direct result of their healthy diet comprised of fresh, natural ingredients.

Where the Wind Blows

Unbelievably, there was one simple factor that caused Pompeii to be destroyed. This was the fact that the wind was blowing northwest during the fatal volcanic eruption. had the wind been blowing southeast, the debris would have flown away from the city, not to it, thereby saving Pompeii.

The Writing is on the Wall

Believe it or not, graffiti is not a new phenomenon. In fact, if you visit Pompeii today, you can see walls bearing Ancient Roman markings, thereby serving as proof that graffiti was trendy even back in the day.

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