Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was one of the richest actors in Hollywood until 2012, when he was fired from the set of Two and a Half Men because of his dreadful conduct. Sheen is known for being a selfish and misogynistic person. Indeed, in numerous interviews, he found interesting to educate us about tiger blood, named Rihanna the b-word and even made a list to rank his female associates on screen.

Charlie Sheen is also famous for his difficulties dealing with drug addictions, for abusing his romantic companions and denigrating other stars.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She is an American actress, singer, author, and businesswoman, who has received numerous accolades for her work.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Gwyneth Paltrow is seen as anything but an average person. Through the years, she declared herself to be a lifestyle expert after eliminating, according to her thoughts, foods and drinks which negatively impacted her healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t consume coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, corn, shellfish, fish, wheat, meat, soy, and many more ingredients. On one occasion, her friend has been quoted saying that she was a “rich, white woman with an eating disorder turned into a branding opportunity.”

Reese Witherspoon

Due to her movie roles, many consider Reese Witherspoon to be an American Sweetheart. Contrary to popular belief, she actually isn’t one! Many people claimed that she was pretty self-entitled after an event that occurred in 2013. She and her husband were stopped for weaving in and out of lanes, and later in the series of events that were documented on the camera she was yelling “Do you know my name? You’re about to find out who I am.” Shortly afterward, she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

One source at Star Magazine claimed that “Reese is anything but sweet. The staff is terrified of rubbing her the wrong way, so they bend over backward to please her! She won’t ever take off her sunglasses because she doesn’t want anyone to make eye contact. Jim doesn’t want his coworkers to see it, because he’s such a bigwig. He wants the staff to think that he has the upper hand but it’s obvious she wears the pants.”

Jesse James

Jesse James is an American television personality. However, even though he is loved by millions, he’s been mistreating women in his life for quite a long time.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

In 2010, a huge scandal broke when it was reported that he had cheated on his wife Sandra Bullock with different women. Worse than that, at that time the couple was trying to adopt a child together. Another scandal broke when a picture showing James performing a Nazi salute surfaced online. After the news of infidelity, he and Sandra Bullock divorced in June 2010. He was later engaged to Kat Von D, but the wedding was called off because he also cheated on her during their relationship.

Lucille Ball

She is an amazing actress that was known for playing funny and down-to-earth characters, which gave her an image and persona everyone loved and admired. She was simply a wonderful performer. However, it seems that Ball was notoriously rude to anyone who didn’t share her celebrity status. On one occasion, while she was on the airplane, she completely ignored the flight attendant and created an awkward situation. It was when her assistant said to the flight attendant “I’m sorry, Ms. Ball doesn’t speak to the help.”

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

During her lifetime, Lucille Ball had a lot of fans but Richard Burton was not one of them. In his diaries, he wrote about Lucille Ball claiming, “She is a monster of staggering charmlessness and monumental lack of humor…She is a tired old woman and lives entirely on that weekly show which she has been successfully doing for 19 years. Nineteen solid years of double-takes and pratfalls and desperate upstaging and cutting out other people’s laughs if she can, nervously watching the ‘ratings’ as she does so…”

Edward Norton

Edward Norton is loved by many and has millions of fans. However, there are some actors and celebrities who can’t stand him. It seems that he has a reputation of being very rude to the people around him.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

According to some rumors, Marvel decided not to reprise his role as The Hulk in The Avengers due to his behavior. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, told that Norton wasn’t a “team player” and that the studio was “looking for an actor willing to work side by side with a star-studded cast.” There was another big scandal involving Norton in 2002. Edward claims that he in fact wrote the script for the movie Frida, and he is denying credit to the writers within the Writer’s Guild. His claims are clearly viewed as plagiarism.

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Galen Dempsey is an American actor but also a racecar driver, best known for his role as neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Even though his nickname on the show is “McDreamy”, it seems that he was quite the diva on the set. According to some, he was very disrespectful to the cast and the crew, which is actually the reason why he was fired from the show. Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator, head writer, executive producer, and showrunner, announced that she had adopted a “no a**holes policy.” after working with Dempsey.  It was a good call, as many actors who behaved poorly were fired, but the 15th season of the show is still running today.

Julia Roberts

Over the years, Julia Robers has built an impressive career that spans across a variety of genres, including romantic comedies, dramas, crime thrillers, and even fantasy films.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Julia Roberts is adored by many, but according to an interview with Steven Spielberg, he wouldn’t work with Julia Roberts ever again. The reason for this is the poor behavior she displayed on the set of Peter Pan. Some rumors say that the crew instantly nicknamed her “Tinkerhell.” One of her sisters claimed that, due to her immense ego and fame, their relationship got destroyed and they are now estranged.

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is a fine actor, but how is he as a person? Well, the answer is – he is a grumpy and rude soul. Throughout his entire career, he has rarely been seen taking pictures with beloved fans, signing an autograph for journalists and hosts, or simply talking to one of them.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

His grumpiness came to a point that most journalists don’t want to have a second movie-promoting interview with him, because he’s known for cutting them off and walking out. Once, during an interview for GQ magazine, he made a reporter cry, while literally cracking whole walnuts with his bare hands. However, many people started resenting him for the words he once addressed to Jim Carrey. On the set of the movie Batman Forever, he told him “I hate you. I really don’t like you…I cannot sanction your buffoonery.”

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest actors to date, with many directors and stars wanting to work with her. It feels like every movie she makes is a success!

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

However, many of her coworkers don’t consider her being very nice, partly because she was seen being rude to some of her fans. In an interview, when asked about her behavior, she confirmed that she indeed did not behave in such manners, and that it was more a way to defend herself. Her bratty behavior is also extended to the press; in 2016, she reportedly lashed out at a reporter during a press conference because he looked at this phone. But one must wonder, does she maybe have more bad days than good ones?

Spike Lee

Spike Lee is a talented writer, director, and actor, but does that mean he needs to behave nicely to fans and fellow celebrities? Apparently not!

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

He behaves rudely to the people around him. Once, when he was visiting a university for a public lecture, he finished almost an hour earlier than planned. He also refused to answer any questions from fans who came to meet and greet him during scheduled Q&A. According to stories and various sources, this kind of behavior isn’t rare. During the 2019 Academy Awards, he stormed out because his film, BlacKkKlansman, didn’t take home the Best Picture award, even though he also won Best Director for the same film.

William Shatner

William Shatner is an amazing actor who spent seven decades on television, building his fame and wealth. He became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek franchise.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

The popular episode of William Shatner’s Comedy Central Roast aired in 2006, and it was well-received because it gave stars the chance to express pent-up rage they’ve had for years. The viewers loved the episode as it looked natural and the words that were spoken sounded true. During the filming of Star Trek, the majority of his co-stars hated him for behaving so poorly. He was even nicknamed “Captain Jerk” as he missed Leonard Nimoy’s funeral.

Kiefer Sutherland

For more than 30 years now, Kiefer Sutherland has been one of the entertainment industry’s most intense, pondered, and gravelly-voiced actors.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Over the span of 30 years, he has acted in some successful movies such as Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Dark City, and many more! After these movies, he stared in a winning-drama as Jack Bauer, and everyone loved him there. But he apparently has many issues! Along with a DUI and reports of drunken misbehavior, other stars hated working with him. According to an interview with Freddie Prinze, Jr., he claimed that Sutherland was very unprofessional and that he hated working with him.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been a part of the Hollywood elite for decades, mostly because of his very successful films such as Risky Business, Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, and many more!

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Even though he is loved by many, some in Hollywood can’t understand why. During and after his marriage with Katie Holmes, Cruise notoriously set weird rules. After the divorce, she wasn’t allowed to see other men right away and she couldn’t travel with her daughter. She wasn’t even allowed to talk to Nicole Kidman, Cruise’s other ex. As you probably know, Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology since the 1990s.

Chevy Chase

When asked about Chevy Chase, Bill Murray once said: “When you become famous, you’ve got like a year or two where you act like a real asshole.”

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

It’s not easy saying someone is rude or offensive, but Chevy Chase is one cruel individual. He has a reputation for being a complete jerk, and even though he was once admired for his acting on SNL, now his co-stars despise him because he acted rudely toward everyone. He doesn’t care who you are, a fan or a co-worker, as he will definitely be rude to you. Once, during an interview, he gave bad comments about one of the female authors. That is something no one should ever do.

Shia LaBeouf

After his first major successful role in 2000, it took a few more years for people to notice that his behavior was similar to the one he displayed on the screen. Shia LaBeouf is mischievous and generally weird to be around.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

According to some people, he’s also very rude. He mostly neglected his fans once he became famous, and some of them state that he expects special treatment for who he is. One fan even claimed Shia attempted to look down his sister’s shirt, which is an extremely rude thing to do! Even though he has acted in some of the biggest Hollywood hits, many celebs decided they didn’t want to work with him anymore.

Terrence Howard

At first glance, Terrence Howard may seem like a good guy, but in reality, he has a very dark past.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

In 2001, he beat his first wife, Lori McCommas, because she was talking to him “real strong.” That wasn’t the end of his abusive behavior. In 2005, he punched his second wife, Michelle Ghent. There was another incident in 2010 when his wife claimed Howard threw her across a hotel room. According to her testimonial, he picked her up and took her to the balcony where he threatened to throw her over the fence.

Mike Myers

In an interview, Myers co-star depicted him as a “diva” who constantly made the cast and crew wait while he was micromanaging the entire production.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

The public doesn’t have a very nice opinion about him, because of his controlling ways, narcissism, and because he fired an actor for making eye contact with him. At one point, he even refused to sign an autograph for a company that made toys based on his characters. He demanded from the company to ship their products to him immediately, and after they arrived, he refused to pay for shipping. Quite a rude behavior don’t you think?

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer. She is the host of her own TV talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2003.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

However, even though she has a massive fan base, and millions of people adore her, several stars in Hollywood actually hate Ellen DeGeneres. According to some reports, if some of her staff wrote unfunny jokes, she would treat them like crap. You must admit that it is pretty odd coming from a comedian who writes her own jokes. In an interview, Kathy Griffin said that Ellen had a “mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about.”

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is our second person on the list from the show Grey’s Anatomy. She is a famous actor and former fashion model. It seems like she became very successful in a relatively short period of time.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

However, according to some reports, Heigl tends to be rude to her co-workers. This is one of the main reasons why her career came to a short-stop. She is notoriously famous for criticizing her own projects and doesn’t hold back when talking about fellow celebrities. Once, she refused a nomination for an Emmy because she believed that the show wasn’t that good and the writing was poorly executed.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel used to be a movie person, and she performed great in some of the 2000s indie films and comedies such as Elf, Failure to Launch, The Happening, and Yes Man.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Due to her acting and looks, Zooey Deschanel looks like a cute doll. But, when it comes to controlling the set, she apparently is the complete opposite of nice. According to some reports, she acted horribly when schedules were broken or everything that was planned didn’t go her way. No one wanted to be around her on the set as she continuously displayed bad behavior.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Michelle Diaz is an American actress, writer, and former model. She has a thriving career as she frequently appeared in successful comedies and was praised for her acting is dramatic films.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

However, even though she looks happy, quirky and lovable all the time, don’t ask Diaz for an autograph because you’ll regret it. According to some research, she is ranked as one of the work celebrities in terms of their relationship with fans. She doesn’t only say no, but she takes it a step further and lectures the devastated fans about why asking for autographs is stupid.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is an amazing actor who won many prestigious awards, but he is infamously difficult to work with.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Christian Bale has been in the news more than once due to his outbursts on set. Before Terminator: Salvation was released, the audio of one of Bale’s freakouts gained more attention than the movie did. Tabloids loved it as much as the fans hated it, as Bale could be heard verbally assaulting director of photography Shane Hurlbut, while Hurlbut tried to apologize for ruining a take. Who would have guessed that he was so mean?

Zach Braff

Everyone loved him in the role of J. D. on the television series Scrubs, for which he received many awards between 2005 and 2007.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Braff is seen as a lovably goofy geek, but that is clearly not what he thinks of himself. When he was on set, Braff always had specific requirements that weren’t always easy to fulfill. Even though it might sound weird, he would only drink coffee from a specific place, and the person who brought it to him had to leave it outside the door of his dressing room without any interaction. According to some reports, he refuses to work with good-looking actors, so he could look the most attractive on the set.

Kirstie Alley

She first achieved recognition in 1982, playing Saavik in the science fiction film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. After her first successful role, she starred in many great films.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

During her interviews, Alley seemed like a friendly person, while in reality that wasn’t the case. After one of her good friends left Scientology, she went on Twitter and wrote bad things about her. On top of it all, she got incredibly hateful and followed up with hurtful comments including a tweet that said, “haha I love talking smack.” That is not the way to treat an old friend, isn’t it?

Mel Gibson

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

In 2006, he was arrested for DUI, but that was just the beginning of a succession of problems for him. The actor-director seemed unemployable after a series of antisemitic events which were followed by racist outbursts. It appears that he is also incredibly sexist which was first noticed in a 1995 interview. On one occasion, Colbert reported that Gibson was “strikingly lacking in apologies.” There are countless other examples of him behaving poorly and rudely.

Toby Maguire

Maguire is an amazing actor, but in reality, he doesn’t know how to treat other people. According to Molly Bloom, who organized poker games, Maguire is “the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.”

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

There are numerous stories of his rude behavior, but the most infamous one happened with a cocktail waitress. While he was out one night, he was seen speaking with a cocktail waitress. According to the source, Maguire insisted she made too much money, and instead of giving her a tip, he offered her $1,000 to “bark like a seal who wants a fish”. She was shocked and laughed it off, but he continued to insist on it.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal acted in some of the most beloved action movies that made him famous and liked by millions. However, it seems that is isn’t so popular anymore!

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

According to some, he is a major piece of work, and notoriously difficult to work with. At one point in his career, Seagal was the host on SNL. His hosting wasn’t well-received by fans and co-workers, and even the creator and producer of SNL called him one of the worst hosts the show has ever had. Other rumors say that during the filming, Seagal didn’t care about the well-being of the stuntmen. He is even known for kicking them between the legs when things don’t go as planned. Weird and rude, right?

Jonah Hill

Even though he stares in comedies, people learned the hard way not to joke with him.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

During an interview, the interviewer jokingly addressed Hill as Seth. Jonah immediately got offended and responded by saying “That’s a great way to start.” It was simply impossible to continue the interview after that. When the interviewer followed up with more questions and attempted to break the awkward atmosphere, Hill wasn’t feeling like continuing the interview, so he brushed off all of the questions and decided to get up and leave.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto is definitely an interesting person as he is both an amazing actor and a very talented musician.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

He recently portrayed The Joker in the movie Suicide Squad, which is one of the reasons why he appears on this list. He wasn’t especially rude to his co-workers and castmates, but he was weird enough to cause many people to avoid him. He used to send each of them a special gift including bullets, anal beads, and used condoms. On top of this, in a few situations, he displayed bad behavior to his fans by lashing out and being hostile.

Bruce Willis

Did you know that lots of stars won’t work with him anymore, but only a few decided to share why?

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Kevin Smith was one of the few who did, and he stated that working with Willis was a “soul-crushing” experience. He continued by saying “It was difficult. I’ve never been involved in a situation like that where one component is not in the box at all.” On more than one occasion, Willis refused to sit for promotional photos for the movie poster. He doesn’t consider that part of the promotion important, however, it is very difficult to create movie posters without the lead role.

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher’s movie fame is way behind her, but her bad manners are still discussed today.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

According to some sources, she had various issues on set with her co-workers. One of her castmates from Desperate Housewives told the director of the show that she was the “meanest woman in the world.” Apparently, this didn’t happen only once, and events like that one occurred on more occasions. This indeed confirms that, as a person, she is very rude and difficult to work with. No wonder we don’t see her on television screens anymore!

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is an Irish-American actor, film producer, activist, and environmentalist.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Even though he is involved in many charities and wonderful activities, James Corden recently spoke about him and claimed that he was one of the worst celebrities out there. The comment is based on the specific situation at a U2 concert when Brosnan was the TV host. But there is more, as apparently, he mistreats people around him. During one photoshoot, he was late and commented with a “Sorry I’m a bit late, lads. I doubt you had better things to do.”

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is an amazing actor. However, his behavior toward other people isn’t so amazing. To put it simply, he has a huge ego.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

At first, his name was in the headlines because of his great acting and amazing movies. Afterward, he was mostly in the headlines due to confrontations with different celebrities and people in the show business. On one occasion, he called George Clooney a “Frank Sinatra wannabe” which really affected their friendship. Clooney didn’t hold back and responded by saying “Dude, the only people who succeed when two famous people are fighting is People magazine. What the f**k is wrong with you?”

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is showing mixed behavior to his colleagues and fans, as he has periods when he is great, but also when he is really rude.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

He actively participates in charity, but at the same time, he is known for being a jerk when no one is watching. Most recently, he was caught in a heated argument and legal battle with his ex-wife because of mental and physical abuse. He didn’t only have issues in his personal life, his career almost took a big hit because he was showing late for work. He was also drunk on more than one occasion, which led him to physical altercations on set.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel stared in a lot of romcoms, where he was depicted as a loving and caring person, but it appears that in reality, he isn’t a great husband.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

He supposedly cheated on his wife Fergie while they were still together. On top of it all, some reports showed he was extremely rude to strangers. Once, during a flight from New York to Kentucky, he refused to turn off his phone which caused flight delays. As a result, he was kicked out of the plane. Pretty childish behavior for a 38-year-old, right?

Ben Stiller

Even though Ben Stiller is hilarious and his comedies are loved by millions, he is apparently a jerk in real life.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

According to some reports, he feels like he’s extremely entitled. The source claims that, once, Stiller freaked out because he requested a diet Coke with exactly two ice cubes, but there were more than 2 in his drink. On more than one occasion, he made his private assistant stand in his parking spot to ensure no one else parked there except him.

Liv Tyler

The daughter of famous Steven Tyler – Liv Tyer, expects to be VIP everywhere she goes.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

To avoid being bombarded by her fans, she simply avoids them. In general, that is understandable. However, what isn’t right is her cutting in line. Once, she wanted to see an exhibit so she decided not to wait and cut in line while some people had been waiting for several hours. The situation escalated to the point the guard had to intervene and refused to let her in. After causing a scene, she decided the best thing would be to leave.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a great actress. However, it has been reported numerous times that she treats people badly in real life.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

She has been known for not tipping in top-tier restaurants, where the service is amazing. Also, on more than one occasion, she asked the hotel managers to shut down gyms so she can use them in privacy. She gained a lot of negative attention due to her behavior. Every time she decides to close the gym for personal use, people get more upset with her and like her even less.

Sandra Bullock

Who would have guessed that Sandra Bullock was rude?

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Sandra Bullock isn’t the sweetheart everyone thinks she is. She refused to give autographs to fans many times, which is ok to do, but what is not is insulting them. On one occasion, a disabled veteran was patiently waiting in line to get an autograph. When he finally got the chance to meet Bullock, she behaved very poorly by covering her face. She even verbally abused him. That is no way to treat a veteran, Bullock!


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