Regal Facts About the Life of King Charles III

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Charles III, having waited decades to ascend the throne, had enormous shoes to fill. Still, even though he may still be new to power, the British monarch has lived an intriguing life that has prepared him for this very task. Here are some regal facts about the life of King Charles III.

Tough Beginning

Sadly, as a child, Charles’ biggest critics were his parents. Because they worried that he was sickly and sensitive not to mention a slow developer, they sent Charles to Gordonstoun; a boarding school known to be quite harsh. While a tough start to life, this is believed to have given him a strong foundation to grow into a self-sufficient man.

Ladies’ Man

While he may be known for leaving Princess Diana for Queen Camilla, Charles’ romantic escapades began far sooner. Lord Mountbatten, Charles’ great-uncle, admitted that the young prince was “popping in and out of bed with girls.”

Crossing Paths

Charles’ relationship with Diana was one of the defining aspects of his life before ascending to the throne. Of course, the couple’s children are none other than Prince William and Harry. Still, before the couple began courting, Charles was seeing Diana’s older sister Sarah while he was still enjoying his cavorting.

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