Site of Julius Caesar’s Murder Opens for Public for the First Time Since Being Re-Discovered

Most believe that notorious Roman dictator Julius Caesar was murdered at the Roman Forum, and you can’t blame them. Most movies and other works of fiction depict it happening there. But the truth is that Julius Caesar was actually killed at the base of the Curia of Pompey in the Theatre of Pompey.

The site of Caesar’s murder was eventually lost in history until the early 20th century, when it was re-discovered during a series of archeological excavations in Rome. However, the lack of funding caused the site, now called Sacred Area of Largo di Torre Argentina, to remain closed until very recently.

Several years ago, a campaign was launched for the site to be turned into a functional archeological attraction. Up to that point, the visitors could only observe it from the street. The only ones allowed in were the cats of Rome, who made their home there.

Earlier this month, the first visitors were allowed to step foot into the Sacred Area of Largo di Torre, Argentina. And while it doesn’t look anything like the place they probably envisioned when they think of Julius Caesar’s murder, it still remains quite a fascinating location.

“Rome is fascinating. Everywhere is so rich in Roman history and the Roman Empire. But to be so close to where they say Caesar was murdered is really quite special,” said one of the visitors in a chat with the media outlet Guardian. 

Sacred Area of Largo di Torre, Argentina, is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and it costs around $5.5 to get in. So make sure you check it out when in Rome.

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