Tens of Thousands of Bronze Coins From the 4th Century Were Discovered Off the Coast of Sardinia

A group of divers recently found a big batch of coins from the 4th century off the coast of Sardinia, Italy, near the town of Arzachena. Italian authorities estimate that 30,000 to 50,000 coins were retrieved based on their weight.

According to the Associated Press, the coins were first spotted by a recreational diver who notified the authorities. The official sent a team of divers to inspect the tip, and that is when a discovery was made.

Italian Ministry of Culture said in a statement that the coins are in “an excellent and rare state of preservation.” It is also believed that the coins could indicate that there is a shipwreck nearby due to them being found in a sandy area between the beach and seagrass.

“The treasure found in the waters off Arzachena represents one of the most important coin discoveries in recent years,” Sardinian archaeology department official Luigi La Rocca said.

The found coins are known as “follies,” which have been used as a currency in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire. The markings on them, some depicting Roman emperor Constantine I, indicate that they have been produced in different parts of the Roman Empire.

The ministry also shared a video that shows divers retrieving the coins.

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