“This Street”, “That Street”, and “The Other Street” are Names of Real Streets

Have you ever gotten lost and tried to explain your location using vague terms like “that street over there” or “the one on the left”? Well, in a small community in Canada, those generalities are actual street names!

Yes, you read that right. In Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, a quirky naming convention has resulted in three streets with the unpretentious titles of This Street, That Street, and The Other Street.

Imagine giving directions: “Turn left on This Street, then take a right on That Street. You can’t miss it!” It can be both amusing and slightly confusing for visitors.

This unique choice likely arose from the desire for simple and straightforward street names in a small community.  While it might make things interesting for newcomers, locals navigate with ease.

This isn’t entirely unique. Places like Culver, Oregon, have streets named “This Way Lane” and “That Way Lane,” proving a sense of humor can extend to street planning. It also highlights the challenge of assigning names, especially in newly developed areas. But sometimes the simple solutions are the most charming. 

So, next time you’re planning a trip to Nova Scotia, keep an eye out for these curiously named streets in Porters Lake. 

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