Top 4 Facts About Alexander the Great That Might Surprise You

Alexander the Great is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history, having never lost a single battle. You probably already know a lot of things about him from history classes, but there are quite a few things that history books don’t mention about this great historical figure. Continue reading to find some facts about  Alexander the Great that might surprise you.

Aristotle Was His Mentor

While Alexander the Great was still a young boy, his father, Philip II, King of Macedon, hired the Greek philosopher Aristotle to be his mentor. Historians believe Aristotle spent three years tutoring Alexander.

He Named a City After His Horse

It is widely known that Alexander had a habit of establishing cities during his conquests and then naming them after himself. However, he once also named a city after his favorite horse Bucephala, honoring his death in battle.

He Survived Being Hit in the Chest with an Arrow

Despite being at the center of each battle and suffering many wounds, Alexander the Great always managed to find a way to avoid death. This included surviving being hit in the chest with an arrow during his conquests in India.

His Body Was Preserved in Honey

Alexander the Great died at age 32 from a mysterious illness. Historians believe that his body was submerged in honey to preserve it shortly afterward. To this day, the location of Alexander’s tomb remains a mystery.

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