5 Impressive Soccer Records Broken By Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool is one of the first English clubs that comes to mind when someone mentions soccer, and they’ve truly been on fire this season. The Reds are fresh off winning their tenth League Cup title, so it’s a better time than ever to look at some of their historic achievements.

League Cup Victories

Even before winning their latest League Cup, aka EFL Cup title, Liverpool was the most successful club in the history of this tournament, ahead of Manchester City with eight wins.

Historic 2019–20 Premier League Season

Liverpool is currently the front-runner for the Premier League title, which they haven’t won since the historic 2019–20 season. They lifted the trophy with seven games to spare back in 2020, setting the record for the earliest title win and the biggest points lead.

Winning Records

The red also set several records for most wins in 2019-2020, including most consecutive home wins with 24. They also share the record for the most wins in a season (32) and most consecutive wins in a season (18) with Manchester City.

Most European Cups Among English Clubs

Liverpool has won six European Cups, more than any other English club in the history of this tournament, but the all-time record is still held by Real Madrid with 14 wins.

Premier League Golden Boot Winners

The Reds players collected the Premier League Golden Boot on seven separate occasions. The two former recipients, Luis Suárez and Mohamed Salah, also set the record for most non-penalty goals in a season during their time in Liverpool.

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