Top 3 NFL Records That Will Probably Never Be Broken

The NFL has changed quite a lot in recent decades. The pace is faster, there is more focus on passing, and more games are played in the regular season than ever. This is why it isn’t surprising to see some of the long-standing records being either broken or in danger of being broken in the near future. However, there are still some NFL records that are so impressive that they will probably never be touched. Let’s check them out.

Most Ties By a Team in a Single Season

Current Record: The Chicago Bears With 6 in 1932

This record is as set in stone as it gets. The Chicago Bears finished the 1932 season with six ties, and three of them were scoreless. But back then, there was no overtime, and if the game was tied after the fourth quarter, that was it. Nowadays, overtime keeps the possibility of a tie to a minimum. To put things in context, no team has had more than one tie in a single season since 1974.

Most Consecutive Super Bowl Losses

Current Record: The Buffalo Bills With 4

The Buffalo Bills have to be the unluckiest team in all of the NFL. They managed to get to the Super Bowl four consecutive times between 1990 and 1993 but ended up losing each time. The chances of that happening again are almost nonexistent since no team has made it to four Super Bowls before or after that.

Most Consecutive Extra Points Made

Current Record: Stephen Gostkowski With 479

Legendary New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed an extra point in Week 17 of the 2006 NFL season, which was also his rookie campaign. After that, he went on a 10-year streak without missing a PAT, playing 142 games and being successful on 479 consecutive attempts. No active kicker in NFL is even close to this and probably will never be, considering the league moved back the extra point kick, making the attempts more challenging.

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