Top 3 Wayne Gretzky’s NHL Records That Will Probably Never Be Broken

After Wayne Gretzky retired from the NHL in 1999 with 894 goals scored in 1,487 games, many believed that record would never be broken. However, less than three decades later, his record is well within the reach of Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin. But there are plenty of other fascinating NHL records held by the arguably best ice hockey player in history that have a much better chance of remaining intact.

Most Career Points

Record: 2,857

The thing about Gretzky is that he wasn’t just great at getting goals; he was even better at dishing assists. Gretzky ended his career with 2,857 points, a mark that no one has ever come close to before or after him. Jaromir Jagr, who is second on the all-time list, has 1,921 points, while the closest active player to Gretzky is Pittsburgh Penguin’s Sidney Crosby, who has 1,502 points.

Most Consecutive Seasons with 200+ Points

Record: 3

Wayne Gretzky had four seasons in which he reached the 200-point mark, including three straight. He is actually the only player who has ever managed to reach the 200-point mark in a single season, making it highly unlikely that someone will manage to equal his achievement or surpass it.

Longest Point Streak

Record: 51 Games

Every player occasionally struggles in a game, but those struggles were rare for Wayne Gretzky, especially in the 1983-84 season. During this campaign, Gretzky went on to score at least a single point in 51 straight games, setting the NHL record for longest point streak. Only Mario Lemieux ever came close, having a streak of 46 games in 1989-90.

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