Magnet Fisher Finds a 1,100-Year-Old Viking Sword in the UK River

Back in November 2023, UK magnet fisher Trevor Penny pulled out a rusty sword from the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire. After being examined by experts, the item was authenticated as a Viking sword and dated to be around 1,100 years old.

According to Penny, he immediately knew that he had found something valuable when he saw the sword. A quick Google search told him that it could be a Viking sword, meaning that he had the obligation of contacting the local finds liaison officer and presenting his findings.

The Oxfordshire county liaison office employed experts to examine the sword, who found that it was forged between 850 and 975 AD and likely belonged to a Viking warrior. During that period, Vikings frequently raided the British Isles and even claimed some of its parts as their territory before British kings recovered it in the 10th century.

The Viking sword recovered by Penny is currently in the possession of the Museum of Oxford and could be displayed as part of its collection in the future.

“It really did feel quite amazing – it’s the oldest thing found in this county magnet fishing,” Penny said via UK media outlet Metro. “The officer said it was archaeologically rare to find whole swords and treasures of historical importance still intact … It was a proud moment to find it.”

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